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I believed. I hoped. I was romantic.

Spoilt rotten with irresponsible fairy-tales

About some prince on a white horse

On a mission to rescue his princess.

I wasn’t a princess.

I didn’t need to be rescued.

But… I believed. I hoped. I was romantic.


“He will find you,” Mummy always said.

“Who is “He”?”

“You will know it when you meet Him.”

I thought He would know too…

Happy bullshit fed to a hungry fantasy.

I believed.


Moonlight walks hand in hand…

Master and Margarita. Almost.

Now I prefer dark rooms with all lights off.

And no stars outside. Please.

I hoped.


Flower withering in my vase,

Silently, and alone, stubbornly proud,

Exuding the most intoxicating odeur.

I bought it, and I am enjoying its death,

I have the right to.

Days pass, nights have already passed.

“What do you see in me?”


I was romantic….