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We can argue,

We can quarrel forever,

We can break up and stop talking for good.

But sooner or later,

In such a small world we live,

Our paths will cross…

We will chance upon each other,

Accidentally notice one another

In a crowded bar

While waiting for a friend or a date…

I will be in a short summer dress;

You can be in your stripy blue shirt

The one that you love wearing

With the cufflinks I once gave you

Hoping they will link us for life…

They didn’t.

One glance we will throw at one another,

Only one simple glance without memories,

Spared of history between us,

One glance as if we have only just met

And have only known lust…

One glance – we cannot stop or help it –

We will inevitably seize being able to forget

How good it was to kiss those lips,

How good it felt to touch your skin,

How I was running out of breath

When you looked at me the way you did.

We swore never to speak again

But when passion comes back

There is no way out of it for anyone,

The only way is back.